Raphael Saadiq & Keane Do Sly Justice

Recently Raphael Saadiq and Tom Chaplin, lead singer from the British rock band Keane, appeared on French television to perform the Sly and the Family Stone hit "Everyday People." Before your side eye takes a long walk off of a short pier, this actually turned out into an enjoyable performance with both singers taking turns on the vocals. Raphael's band and backup singers were on point as usual. This beats that Stevie Wonder/Jonas Brothers Grammy Award tragedy by a country mile.      

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3 Responses

  1. This is a weird pairing. I'm big fan of Keane, but this is a poor performance by Chaplin. Did someone not practice?

  2. never thought i'd see my beloved Keane mentioned on this site. i'll give Tom a pass though. even his normally expressive voice isn't prepped for Sly Stone jams. this is still pretty dope.

  3. Amazing performance. The ahestetic Tom Chaplin voice is made for this 🙂


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