Sheila E. Rides ‘Glorious Train’ To Country Victory

Sheila E. has gone from "Glamorous Life" to "Glorious Train" right before our eyes. Well, maybe not literally in front of our eyes, since most of us probably didn't see the artist who formerly worked with Prince won the Season Three crown of CMT Network's fish-out-of-water reality show Gone Country this past weekend. It's official, though: the 51-year old drumming dynamo bested fellow contestants George Clinton of Parliament Funk fame, and former American Idol moppet Justin Guarini for the top prize. The winning song, "Glorious Train"--which Sheila wrote with Nashville songwriters Angie Aparo and James Slater--speaks to the artist's life story, which is a great thing according to the show's host and song's producer, John Rich.

He says it was "the sheer passion she displayed for country music and our audience. Her song really does speak to her life story and how she has been challenged in life and triumphed over those challenges, which I think many country music fans will identify with." Oh, Sheila! Peep the clip of the song, and Sheila looking grrrreat, after the bounce.

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4 Responses

  1. I can only hope that my body looks that tight by the time I reach age 51.

  2. Wow! She looks fabulous! And I actually like this tune...
    Go Sheila!

  3. this is great. Sheila E. has proven that she can do just about anything, musically. i'm glad this song takes her to an unexpected place (at least for me), but retains other elements (strong drums/percussion, the gospel part at the end) that are true to who she is. on top of that, it's still that same ol' electrifying persona that we've seen from her since her days with Prince (and before). kudos to her.

  4. Ok, love the song Sheila E looks and sounds really really good, but is that song really country? As some country elements, but sounds like a pop song to me.


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