This Nat King Cole Video Is ‘Lush’ Indeed

And way too short, I might add. Since we hipped you all to Re:Generations, the Nat King Cole concept album that is a wonderful compilation of modern-day artists reinterpreting his work, I have been in eager anticipation of this day. Today is the day that this album drops, and to implore you to obtain this for your collection is an understatement. Below is the visually pleasing "Lush Life," produced by Cee-Lo that is the first single from the album. I have no idea why the video is so short, but if anything, if this is the tempting carrot designed for you cop this album, then so be it. Re:Generations can be found on Amazon and iTunes, and as of today, in my personal music collection. Make sure you don't sleep on this one.

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  1. Wonderful! Cee-Lo and the incomparable NKC. I'll make sure and purchase this one. Yeah, the video is too short.