Where In The World Is Emily King?

If you were like me in 2007, you fell hard for Emily King. Personally, I was infatuated with her honey-coated voice, her round-the-way/Bohemian B-Girl steez, and the fact that she plays guitar. Her debut album, East Side Story (how perfect was that title?) was incredibly dope, with a lot of memorable moments. Aside from amazing tracks like "E Melody," "You Can Get By" and the single "Walk in My Shoes," she recorded one of the smoothest takes on the Bill Withers classic, "Ain't No Sunshine." I still play this album regularly (peace to album producer Chucky Thompson).

Since dropping East Side Story, King received much critical acclaim, even earning a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2008. Sadly the album didn't light up the charts like fans hoped, and according King's MySpace page, she is no longer with J Records. But fret not! Like any real New York girl, she is still holding it down. She performs in the city quite often and has an album in store for us in the summer. I know I can't wait. If her upcoming project is half as dope as East Side Story, we'll be blessed.

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  1. I am glad she is no longer with J records. Their ability to fumble good musicians is unmatched.

  2. i agree. it seems that anyone not named Alicia Keys is headed for career purgatory.

  3. Just the other day I was asking myself this question! Love, love, love 'East Side Story', she was a breath of fresh air when I first heard her. I really hope she releases a new album soon.
    And a big ol' boo for J Records

  4. I love her. When I posted her video on my song of the day a few months ago, I figured she'd have to leave J Records to get anywhere. Sign with Verve and be Ledisi's labelmate. Emily is a fabulous talent.

  5. Hopefully her breaking ties from J records will work in her favor. Personally, I enjoyed East Side Story and I was in awe of the amount of people who gave me the gas face when I mentioned her name to them. I know her next project will be just as great as the last.

  6. I bought her album a month ago; LOVE IT.

  7. MAN I thought it was just me. I busted her album out last week and Twitted about the same thing.

  8. LOVE. THIS. ALBUM. I was just listening to "It was You" this morning!!!

  9. I've met her several times and I think she's a delightful person. I'm sort of glad that she's not with J because I think she needs a record company that's more in tune with her needs and not trying to turn her into the next Alicia Keys. I'm excited to hear her next project this summer.

  10. Don't be mad, but I just bought the album last month (here's my late pass). It is SOOOO good! I've always been a fan of Chucky Thompson's production, but you can really hear a maturity to it. Emily's voice is definitely ear-candy and her writing is on-point. I want more...

  11. No longer with them? I have the album and I had no idea she was with them. They didn't give her an ounce of promotion! (At least not down here). And then they just dropped her? Wow! Isn't Alicia Keys on that label? What happened to Clive Davis molding singers?

  12. LOVE. THIS. ALBUM. i guess j records couldn't / wouldn't concentrate on female singer / songwriters simultaneously b/c homegirl received zero promotion. not only that, i saw her TWICE on tour and BOTH times she came without a band! no backing tracks no nothing. on both shows, though, she worked out the songs with the band(s) that played before her. although that shows the magic of true musicianship and is a testament to how serious her hustle is, it's utterly deplorable that she would show up without ANYONE backing her. i'm really looking forward to that new stuff. GO EMILY!!

  13. WAIT--i failed to mention that BOTH times i saw her, she was fantastic!! she blew me away when she sang "it was you". if you haven't seen her (or heard the album for that matter) you need to make it your life's work to do so. for real.

  14. Yea J screwed her. I knew they couldnt juggle to bi racial singer/songwriters at one time.

  15. Emily King stayed on heavy rotation for a good long while. Her voice with acoustic guitar is crazy. Light on acrobatics heavy on smooth & buttery. I'll support her where ever she ends up. Can't wait to hear something new!

  16. I dont get y Jrecords dropped her? Every1 I know LOVED 'walk in my shoes' & said EK has a great soulful voice. Yea the cd sales were slow but do a long promo tour. Y didnt Clive have her open 4 AK? That woulda made sense! Y didnt Clive get her a vh1Soul concert & those mini commercials like he he dd AK?
    I dont get it! Jazmin Sullivan's sales were also slow but Clive aint give up on her!
    I hope bigger & better things happen for EK!

  17. I love Emily King she has so much potential as an artist and new style....Not only physically but everything about her if diffrent she is definitely in my IPOD her album is dope!

  18. I can't even begin to tell you how I've been on the hunt to see her live to no avail .....I bought this album in 2008 and I've been in love with her sound sad that she's a really talented artist

  19. Yo, listening to her cd right now!!! And had to google if someone out there was missing her like me. She is crazy, bananas, a modern day TinaMarie and some. She's just sic. Hope to see her live.

  20. Love is putting it mildly. Whatever the reason we have not been blessed with more of the sweet soulful sounds of this young lady...well let's just say: Hey! Hey! GOOD BYE! I'm looking forward to hearing more from her and soon, I hope. Shame on whoever dropped the ball and didn't promote such a talent. It's their loss. Go Emily! You have some true fans that can't wait to experience more of you!


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