Why Chrisette Michele’s ‘Epiphany’ Video Is Worth A Few Thoughts

Back in January, we let you know how we felt about the new Chrisette Michele track, "Epiphany." All of you were pretty much split on it, with some even wondering if what we heard was the finished product. Well, now it's clear that not only was the song complete, but the video is, too, and after watching it a few times, I'm pretty sure of yet another split. The clip itself is harmless, if not memorable. Well, let me take that back. There are two things about this that I'll never forget, the most obvious being Chrisette's hairdo, which made me feel like she was smuggling her bright idea inside of her mane. The second was the fact that the man she was getting rid of--video co-star Drake--owned a skateboard. Which, when I saw her placing it on the curb, gave me an epiphany of my own: She's probably better off without him. Tell us what you think, while we wait for Ms. Michele's full length album to drop May 19th.

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6 Responses

  1. I love the song and the video just simple not too much and not to less

  2. I am soooo disappointed in this video. Only a little less disappointed in the lack of vocal range Chrisette shows in this song. We've come to expect so much more from her--Cassie could've performed this.
    PS Ryan Leslie concert was crazy last night! Usher showed up!!!!


  4. i love the song..very simple..nicely arranged..departs a bit from her last album offerings, but i'm still very optimistic about the overall project and anticipating the album dropping...

  5. I love the song and like the video, I think the concept of the video fits with the song; she's leaving a man who's childish because she's grown and he hasn't.

  6. Not really feeling the song or the video. It's a run-of-the-mill tune. I'm leaving, tired of you, throwing your stuff outside...
    Will probably do OK on radio if she can get some buzz this time.
    I think the criticism last time was her image/sound was too old.
    I guess this new sound/look takes a few years away.
    Still looking forward to her cd, however.