Asher Roth Channels Plucked Chicken With D’Angelo Spoof

If there's one thing that these newfangled weekly mixtape rappers are good at, it's creating a buzz around themselves. In anticipation of his Asleep In The Bread Aisle album, Asher Roth decides to reimagine himself as D'Angelo in the "Untitled" video, even imitating D'Angelo's hand gestures and lip pursing from the original video. It's both disturbing and hilarious to watch, yet still doesn't make me want to buy his album. If anything, it makes me want to pass this onto as many of my friends as possible for a good, hearty giggle.

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4 Responses

  1. ROTFL! That was too good.

  2. SB you owe me for dry cleaning my shirt:-) this shit made me spill my drink:) LMAO

  3. Avatar

    I was disturbed at the first lick of his lips ((shudders)), but definitely funny...

  4. MAD FUNNY!!!