En Vogue Is Officially Back As ‘One’ This Month

I often shake my head as to why '90s mega group En Vogue broke up (even though they deny it). They were called the best female R&B group of all time, and with good reason. Think about it. The ladies had it all working: they were sex symbols (Hellllo, Dawn!), their harmonies were incredible, their discography was bulletproof (20 million albums and singles sold worldwide, seven MTV Music Awards). And then the wheels fell off. Quickly. Some say it was over money, some say it was too many egos. Whatever the case, when the group announced late last year that they were reuniting, all I could do was smile in anticipation of the ladies giving the R&B game what it's been missing since they left--a mega girl group with undeniable talent. Now, they're back! Don't believe me? Then check the clip from this year's Trumpet Awards after the bounce as the fabulous foursome pick up where they left off when they left us. The entire show airs on TVOne April 12th. Oh, and yeah...after all these years, I'm still pretty partial to Dawn myself.

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  1. HAvent they been doing shows for the past year with all the original members? Excerpt when Dawn had an operation sometime last year. I'm gld they are on the road and hope to see them at the Jazz Fest here in DC. Cindy can still get it. At almost 50 she still looks good as hell.

  2. Am I going to have to re-poster my ceiling?
    I just might.

  3. I've written about this many times on my blog, personally I preferred Maxine, Terry, Cindy, and Miss Rhona Bennett who brought a refreshing flavor to the group. The last two studio recordings EV did were solid & fun.
    While I am excited to see the original line-up back together, for me Robinson is a sticking point as she seems to be just a little too extra for my tastes. I'm waiting for the sixth album to manifest already and wonder if it will be Foster & McElroy behind the wheels, or will they be open to work with other producers like they did on EV3 (1997).
    We'll see.-QH

  4. Yes indeed and it's about time! Most definitely heading to catch them at B.B. King's in May here in NYC as I missed them last time around.
    Dawn, really? Like my hunny QH, I have always been a Maxine and Terry lover first and everyone else second. )

  5. This is the best news i've heard all day. If it ain't broke don't fix it. This is a femal supergroup with real talent where all of the members are crucial to the success. All of these ladies could sing lead! They weren't like DC who could have a revolving door of members and still go forward. Nothing beat's the original En Vogue!! Welcome back Funky Divas!!! I've always had a soft spot for CIndy....
    I hope that Dawn understands nobody wants her solo stuff. They could have been tearing up the industry for these last few years had they realized their strength together..

  6. EN VOGUE!!!!!! I'm so excited right now. I grew up listening to their music and I'm anxious for their return. I'm too happy right now.

  7. *just immediately got life and then died and went to heaven*

  8. Uh Muh Guwd (*teeth buck out) They so fine I turned into a black version of Kenneth '30 Rock'. Did I just make my Dad's Diana Ross face!? I think I just evolved, no sh*t.
    The still got it. If this doesn't work, I'm lobbying for a Lucy Pearl Redux!

  9. My all time favorite girl group!!! I cannot wait til Sunday! And Dawn has always been my favorite too!!! LOL

  10. I'm so excited that the original line up is back i'm ging to see them next month can't wait......!!!

  11. I really hope the record labels wise up and sign they fine butts soon. Sorry Rhona, the fame, inspiration and money ain't gonna happen without the originals.