Hot Like Ayah: Watch Out, Jimi Hendrix!

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  1. So when we gettin' married babydoll :p
    Can't wait for 4:15 to drop...bring it on.

  2. Rock On Ayah!!!!!!
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  3. ayah unplugged. 🙂 that's top dollar seats in an intimate setting right there in the making.'re gonna have to give me a minute...
    p.s. another falls victim to the twitterverse. yeah, me too...

  4. after being bored for hours i've stumbled across your blog. i just gotta say your voice is very beautiful. i love the sound and how it mixed with the guitar, girl can i download that somewhere and put it on my ipod??

  5. Aw! Thanks everyone! lol I literally picked this guitar up 4 days ago and I've been practicing! Thought I'd share..
    Now that you all know, I have to stick with it! lolol
    Mslady, thanks for your comment! I'll record an acoustic version soon enough and post the link for you 🙂 Make sure you check back! or follow me on @ayahmusic and you'll def see when I post it!
    (Do it All Again is a song on my upcoming album 4:15.)
    4:15 drops 4/15/09 to!!!! Let's get it 🙂 Tell 5 friends!!
    Love, Ayah

  6. WOW :)!! You have an indomitalble voice. Loves it!!!!!!!!

  7. ooooooooooooh!!!! let's hear Might Not Be acoustic!