Kanye’s Hubris Parodied On South Park, Ego Remains Intact

kanye_SP_crew3.jpgThough I am not a regular viewer of South Park any longer, its responses to Pop culture and its parodies of it are often a thing of brilliance. Take the recent episode that aired on Kanye West's egomaniacal ways and included his fashion-forward (read: challenged) crew and a take on his Auto-Tuned self-proclaimed masterpiece, 808's & Heartbreak. The joke all revolves around Kanye's declaration about his love of fish sticks, his inability to understand how this gets extrapolated that he is a gay fish, and a wonderful rework of "Heartless" about his love of underwater dwellers. It's just as crazy as it sounds, and just as hilarious. It's nice to know that Kanye took it all in stride as well saying,

South Park murdered me last night and it's pretty funny. It hurts my feelings but what can you expect from South Park! I actually have been working on my ego though.

Amen to that. South Park's "Love Lockdown" parody "Gay Fish" is below. View the full episode here.

South Park: "Gay Fish"

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9 Responses

  1. i'm happy Kanye responded with a thought out response. and he even acknowledged the fact that he normally has a ghost blogger by saying you can tell it was him by the grammatical errors (you have to read his full response to see that part)....he knows its time to grow up.....i respect that.

  2. He's still a GAY-FISH:-) alotta people thin he is the infamous gay rapper this just proves it:-)

  3. This sounds more like "Heartless" than "Love Lockdown."
    And it is brilliant.

  4. I'm not entirely sure I buy this display of humility on his part. Had this been someone else calling him on his shit, he would've launched into "WHY WONT THE HATERS LET ME BE GREAT??!!!!!" But because it's the popular and influential South Park guys, it suddenly sparks all this belated self-reflection? Bull.Shit. This has nothing to do with him finally growing up, this is about his constant need to be acknowledged and validated by the white mainstream.

  5. @ Nova - ur a hater. why won't u just let (Kanye) be great?

  6. @JustChad,
    You are right. This just goes to show how much of an impact 808's & Heartbreak had on my life 🙂 This will be corrected posthaste.

  7. @ could be right
    however, i think sometimes it takes certain things to slap a person back into reality....he finally got full slice of humble pie, and i think he realizes that...
    i'm not his personal assistant or a stan......just my opinion....

  8. Completely agree with nova, what more, this incident probably fed his ego even more, because he and his crew were "featured" on Southpark. He might actually become humbled when he gets ignored.

  9. The episode really made me laugh, that ish was funny. Cartman and his ego Kanye and his ego soooo good.


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