Islam, Politics, & Hip Hop Take Center Stage In ‘New Muslim Cool’

Despite the unequivocal fact that music and politics are as inescapable as sports and politics, the most political trends in music these days seem to come in the form of prison sentences for easily avoidable crimes. But let's not forget those for whom music is their life blood and not simply a way to make enough paper to make it rain in technicolor dreamscapes a/k/a videos. Let's take Hamza Abdul Mumit Perez, the focus of the new documentary New Muslim Cool, as an example. As an emcee for the M Team, his personal journey has involved being a Puerto Rican former drug dealer turned Muslim who is a minister of his a mosque, but was also involved in an FBI raid of his mosque after being tipped off by drug dealers in his neighborhood. It's not often that you see stories as interesting as this one, one of redemption with Hip Hop as a supporting character. If you're in San Diego, there will be a free screening today at the The World Beat Center. Nationwide, this documentary will be shown on PBS as part of its POV series on June 23rd. If the trailer below is as interesting as the documentary, I will definitely be watching. [H/T:EOLA]

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  1. It does sound interesting. I will try to catch it on PBS.
    AND Welcome Back SB! Missed you guys!


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