Satisfy Your Musical Sweet Tooth With Some ‘Ear Candy’

Looking for some sweet Soul music to coast into the weekend with? Then download the new mixtape Ear Candy Chronicles Vol. 1, which features many artists who we've covered here on SoulBounce, including the Bounce-Worthy crooners Darien and Jaiden "The Cure", SB faves YahZarah and W. Ellington Felton, and our latest obsession, the Jaspects. The 11-song mixtape is a pleasant sampler of soulful sounds from a wide array of indie artists mixed by DJ Phaze and presented by Gypsy Soul in association with Briclyn Entertainment. Now this is our kind of candy. 

Gypsy Soul Ear Candy Chronicles Vol. 1 [Download]

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3 Responses

  1. Can you post another link? That one has reached its download limit. And I was so ready to hear some new music too.

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