Stylistically Simple Yet Substantial In Scope, We Present Maxwell’s New Album Cover


Ladies and gentlemen, it is official. It is not a fluke, tease, or unfulfilled promise this time. Maxwell's new album, BLACKsummers' night, set for release on July 7th, will shortly be a reality. Not only is there an honest-to-God single with a video that was released during SoulBounce's hiatus, but here is the album's cover art to further drive the point home that some new Maxwell is on the horizon. Though I can speak only for myself, this portrait of the artist in profile, eyes cast downward and frozen in perpetual stillness is exactly how I saw him last night as he longingly surveyed my womanly form, starting at my dangerously tall pumps, past my heaving dress, and on up to the moist, twisted coils on top of my head. Or maybe that was that my dream from last night. In any case, feel free to reimagine your own naughty fantasy and paste this photo on the ceiling above your bed, junior high-style.

Maxwell BLACKsummers' night [Amazon]


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  1. Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm liking this black and white shot with the splash of purply color. Ummm hmmm.

  3. I was on another site and a poster (some foolish youngin') had the gall to call his album cover WACK. Obviously it is anything 'but'. One could talk about the significance of a profile, or a profile in shadow (i.e. a silhouette) and apply said discussion to this particular photo, this album cover and align what it could mean in reference to the artist, the album title and the songs on the album.
    WACK it is not. It scares me (and frustrates me) that these young ones are so quick to dismiss artistry by simply viewing a record cover. Maxwell could package this new album in a paper bag and its music (I hope) would still be classic, substantive, the stuff of legend. And as a person who has admired album covers since I was little (dad was a DJ), I can say it's not always about what's on the cover...but when they're creatively done or in this case simplistically presented, it may or may not represent the awesomeness of the work inside.
    *ramble* I just hate chirren who 'dis the greats. LOL. *eye roll*
    And on the flip, n any case, feel free to reimagine your own naughty fantasy and paste this photo on the ceiling above your bed, junior high-style. this made me laugh out loud. 😉

  4. I love the cover! It represents album title as well as being simple and classy! Can NOT wait until 7/7/09!! =)

  5. That cover tells us all we need to know. He's back beyotches!

  6. Love it. Beautifully shot. And this comes from someone who is not digging the new do. It works for me right here.

  7. it's so reserved and understated, almost solemn. But still waters run deep.
    so-so apropos, is it no?
    Welcome back my bloguosins!!!

  8. Avatar

    I've always really liked Maxwell, but cuttinghis hair just...gosh I can't even find the doesn't even come close! I love the cover because it really shows it all off. it doesn't need to be complex or over the top, after all this time, like SDG said--it tells us all we need to know!


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