All The Way Live: Deborah Bond Does The Isley Brothers

For those outside of the Washington, DC area who don't get a chance to experience the artistry of Deborah Bond on a regular basis such as those of us at SBHQ, you have my sympathies. Bond is one of my favorite live performers. She commands the stage with finesse and makes every show an experience. This particular soulful moment in time was recorded at Bohemian Caverns in January, and her rendition of The Isley Brothers' hit "Between the Sheets" is one of the sexiest that I've ever seen or heard. DeBo put it down. But don't just take my word for it, watch the video below for proof. Things really heat up around the four-minute mark. You may need to cold shower afterwards.   

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  1. Gotta admit i was VERY late on Ms. Bond ... i actually hadn't heard her stuff (besides a couple of vid's over at SITKOL) until about 2 weeks ago when the Deborah Bond/Alison Carney/Yahzarah vid surfaced ... after seeing that I got hold of her album straight away!
    The cover she does here is amazing and just makes me want another album from this lady ASAP.


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