Ayah’s Acoustic Soul

Our very own Ayah's debut album, 4:15, is now available on iTunes. After selling the disc through her website since its April 15th release, E1 Entertainment (formerly known as Koch Records) has decided to release the project digitally.
Please make sure you get it and support independent music.
Ayah sent over these live treats showcasing her signature vocals accompanied by Danny J. Ricardo on guitar. Check out "Do It All Again" below and and "Might Not Be" after the bounce.  


6 Responses

  1. Beautiful voice!! I will be buying this today!!

  2. Is Ayah Prego????????

  3. Stoney, No! I'm not..its the shirt..its very big

  4. That pregnancy comment was kinda rude, but welcome back Stoney!

  5. Rude? never that big homey! a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing, no disrespect intended. I mean I still wanna wife Ayah but she be trippin' 🙂

  6. I love it. I have the 4:15 album and have been letting people hear it and sending them to the website to purchase. Keep it up.


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