Camp Lo Brings The Sexy With Some ‘Summer Love’

camp-lo_01_med1.jpg.jpegYou know what I'm growing relentlessly tired of? The sound of last year, namely anything involving "synth Pop" or the "Motown sound." I realize I may be in the minority here, but I don't care. What I will never grow tired of is basslines, harmonizing, and lyrical niceness. The buzz for Camp Lo's new album has been growing, and while the track "Summer Love" may not contain all three of my aforementioned musical loves, it does provide a nicely recycled beat, playfully suggestive wordplay that Camp Lo always provides, and some nice R&B crooning courtesy of Tyler Woods. Does it sound reminiscent of 1996 give or take a few years? Yes, it does. Will it make you want to pause and relax? Yes, and then some.

Camp Lo feat. Tyler Woods: "Summer Love"

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  1. I'm really feeling this jawn. The mid-90s were good, weren't they? And the hook is banging.
    This gets added to the summer playlist immediately!

  2. First of all, props to them for using the same Sylvia Striplin sample that Junior M.A.F.I.A. used for "Get Money", and that "Summer Love" refrain reminds me of "Sands of Time" by Vinia Mojica.

  3. 1st things first, I messes with Camp Lo. Pound for pound in my opinion they are the best rap duo doing it. The get money sample is crazy as is their mixed tape "Rob & stone caught on tape" I cant wait for the full length joint to drop, until then i'm a bang this joint for the rest of the summer.

  4. ummm....where can I get it? I need to have this somewhere other than my laptop..:)

  5. what??? Camp Lo? wooh! I still bump Uptown Saturday Night to this day. love their flow.

  6. I've been a Lo fan since Uptown Saturday Night & Camp ALWAYS brings some refreshing hip hop for the soul & 70's funk in all of us (even those who might've missed the decade by a few years). This is a hot joint, mos def! Can't wait for the album to drop. Good to see they teamed up with Tyler Woods again. ::see the song "Gotcha" for further details:: They make a great team!
    Though this song definitely holds its own, I'll admit the first time I heard it, I was chanting "Go Geechi, get money. Go Cheeba, get money.

  7. Thanks Stoneyisland

  8. WOW! Camp Lo did their thing with Summer Love! I am ready for a new album!!!!!!!!!Perfect Summer Song!

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    I don't know man, half of these "soul" singers sound like D'angelo children. (Who was of course Prince's child). Especially from 2:23 on, it just gets to the level of infringement... Boy if singers could just copyright their voice and vocal style, some would never have to sell records again. Just sue the clones ! Yea the harmonizing is nice, the raspy Prince-ish falsetto is cool... But damn, when is "soul" going to reinvent it's self? These dudes just rehash the past. Nice song though a welcome respite from, synth pop, aww-tow-toon and excessive pitch correction.