Dwele’s Lovely Michael Jackson Tribute

As the tragic news of Michael Jackson's passing became the new reality for us all, tributes began flooding the internet. Amidst the heartfelt outpouring, Dwele quietly submitted a short video to his YouTube account wherein he uses a loop machine recreate the hook of MJ's "Human Nature." It's simple, brilliant, and beautiful. He meticulously builds the snippet for over seven minutes but, like the actual song itself, it never grows old. A fitting, moving, and creative musical tribute to the King of Pop.

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11 Responses

  1. I really love Dwele and this is a great tribute. There is this artist by the name of K’Jon that reminds me so much of Dwele. He has this song called On The Ocean that is crazy…y’all should check him out @

  2. Dwele is sick with the live sampling!

  3. I love that this is over 7 min. long. It requires an investment of time and attention with a big payoff. I'm embarrassed that I didn't pick up on where he was going with it early on but that made for a more gratifying plot twist. I love the immediacy. He hits a few bad notes but you get the feeling that it was spontaneous, as he noted since he crammed this in between prepping to go out on tour.
    And where did he get the t-shirt?!!? AWESOME SAUCE.

  4. Dwele is that dude, man. This is great. His version of "Wanna Be Starting Something" from a few years back was probably one of the best covers I've ever heard....EVER!

  5. Dwele is just the plain and simple truth. What he has is from the wonder he can deliver it to us like MJ will forever!

  6. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow. That was beautiful.

  8. Dwele is the defintion of a true artist. God Bless him!!!

  9. This is amazing...completely a genious...what a work of art...hence the fact I luv him.

  10. Fy-Yah!!! Simply Blaze Fy-yah!! Makes me vexed to no end Sun doesn't get the shine he deserves!! Keep doin' it Soul-jah! Salute!