Has Charles Hamilton Gone Too Far?


THIS negro!
It doesn't surprise me that Charles Hamilton has done something foolish once again (he's meeting his monthly average and right on time) but this right here? Completely unacceptable. For anyone that doesn't feel like clicking the link, Sonic's major label debut entitled The Perfect Life is "executive produced" by the artist himself and James Yancey. Needless to say, practically all of Detroit swooped down upon Sonic the likes of which he's never known, but will definitely know more of if this wacky idea of his comes to fruition.
Sweeny managed to carry a conversation with this very special child, and it's clearly established (among other things) that, although Sonic claims he credited Dilla as Executive Producer to give the proceeds to the J Dilla Foundation, he has no business even speaking Dilla's name. Bullet points after the bounce.


  • The J Dilla Foundation isn't currently operational  Proceeds from albums (post-humous or tributes) likely go straight to the family these days. 
  • The Perfect Life is supposedly intended to first be released as a free digital download via Hamilton's website. Free shit don't typically result in "proceeds."
  • Charles Hamilton: "If you don't know my relationship with Ma Dukes--" HOLD UP. Does Maureen Yancey even know you?
  • Charles Hamilton: "--especially since I actually have a very good relationship with Phat Kat and everybody else involved--" BACKS THE RECORD UP. Does Phat Kat even know you?
  • He's smoking something.
Be sure to read the entire thing. It's so absurd you cannot help but laugh, then wonder if we're part of this mass psychosis where we all see and hear the exact same ridiculous things Charles Hamilton does and says, but it's really a dream. Hex Murda, who can always be relied upon for a timely bon mot or two, offers this:

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7 Responses

  1. Charlie boi bloodclot!

  2. Maybe you guys already caught this, but about 14 hours ago this asshat posted this to his Twitter feed:
    "Because of wack ass legal terms that don't involve me, I have to take Dilla off as EP."
    Thank god

  3. For someone who's tryin to break-thru he sure is fuckin up a lot. And for such a small, non-threatening lil kid, he sure pops off @ the mouth a lot don't he. But you know what they say, nothin humbles a nigga more, than a good ol fashion beat down in front of a lot of people. N chucky, that's what u need my lil brotha, then you'll be alllll good lmao

  4. Isn't this the dude that got sucker punched by a jumpoff a while back?

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