Hot Like Ayah: On Artists & The Music Industry


It seems as though the more I think about it and the more people I
speak to about this, the more I realize the downfall of the music
It's like this crazy never-ending cycle of dreams dreamt, then dreams met, then dreams turned into a nightmares in a lot of cases.

As an emerging artist I feel as though I'm in a mode somewhere
between dreams dreamt and dreams met. Yes, I just released an album. Keyword: I. I found my producers. I wrote my songs. I recorded and mixed some. I set up my photo shoot, did my styling, found my outlets, hired my publicist and performed a ton of other tasks. But I am not complaining. I love the work, the experiences, and the knowledge of it all. 
I love what I'm doing, but then I think when I reach my next
goal will I face what many artists face--more
disappointment? Mind you, I know that feeling well because with every accomplishment
comes disappointment, but I've stuck with it and moved on to better
feelings. And so the cycle goes.
Bringing me back to the topic at hand, where are Lauryn, Amy, Whitney, SadeD'Angelo, Glenn Lewis, etc.? The list is long and
will only get longer I assume. Was it the fault of the labels, the lawyers, the managers, the media? Or was it their own weakness and not being ale to handle fame? Or any combination platter of the above?
Either way, to those artists I named and many others who fallen by the wayside, please come back because I need to hear good music other
than that of the artists I love who I can basically count on my one
Who's on your list of "Please come back" artists?
Let me know! Let them know!
Stay hot!

Ayah 🙂


12 Responses

  1. Well 2 of my comebacks are coming back this year. Maxwell & Sade.

  2. I believe trying to ascribe a general "blanket" cause to the failed careers of all [or many] artists who we admire musically is dangerous and speculative. It's like saying that all airline crashes & accidents are caused by the same thing(s). As such, we know that accidents aren't caused by just ONE thing or failure but rather occur due to multiple failures which happen in succession.
    To take the airplane metaphor further, the failed & stalled careers of these high profile where are they now artists AND the how come they never blew up? artists are similar to the more complicated "succession of failures" idea we find also in airline accidents.
    That said, there's clearly something going on within the industry approach, artist approach and/or both which has an ill effect of far too many once-promising careers. But until someone does a real investigation of these "failures", everything else is just speculation...

  3. I agree with Taron. It's most likely a combination of factors. That coupled with the fact that each artist is a unique individual makes it hard to say it is one thing in particular. However certain factors may weigh more heavily on the issue than others.

  4. Ok. Not to be harsh but my experiences in "The Industry" have made bluntness a prerequisite to mental health. But artistically speaking, what is a comeback?
    Bluntly put, business realities aside ( which is a whole other thing) the truth is "don't come back until you have something to say, do, show or listen too, based off of YOUR vision. An artist that makes an impression once has a lifetime of second chances to make someone say, "that was dope, i really like that". Some artists should just play shows until the time is right.
    I really do understand the photos and the artistic prep. Truth be told it's not as bad as say dealing with the well meaning clueless suits. Most photogs and stylists are artists in their own right. So even if they can be a pain at least they are trying to achieve something that can be appreciated.
    The only person on my M.I.A. list is Lauryn. Because after her Unplugged performance I had aural visions of those songs being recorded by talented musicians and affixed to a CD the likes of that haven't been seen since "Songs In the Key Of Life". The songs were heavy and at the time were REALLY needed to move the art forward.
    Maybe one day. KHA.KHA. (keep hope alive)

  5. I'd like to see Little Brother regroup with 9th, I'd like to see Teedra Moses finally drop her follow up album, I'd like Dave Hollister to start making R&B music again....................

  6. Ayah- like you and others have said, it's probably a combo of things...I'm so glad Maxwell is coming back...Sade should be great...I would love to see your Canadian sistren Tamia blow everyone, I miss Lauryn...and I wish artisits like you, Foreign Exchange, Leela James...and many many more would get the true credit you deserve.....

  7. Do good artist ever really leave? I recently caught an act by Al Jarreau and he is as good today as he was back then, but I'm not sure he ever retired. He still has that wonderful voice- his instrument.
    Chaka Khan is another wonderfully gifted artist. I've seen some you tube videos of Stephanie Mills and her gift is as clear as it was in the Wiz.
    That being said not all artist should come back. Why because they have neglected their instrument-the voice- because of "riotous" living. I for one do not want to again be subject to the straining, and crackles of another artist on the come back wagon trying to make a buck because of hard economic times.
    I think some artist are only "coming back" because they are being effected by the economy. Not because they they have evolved or have something new to say.

  8. Just wanted to add Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and so on.

  9. Hey all!
    I agree with everything you have said. I feel as though you're right about the economy effecting the decisions of many to "come back"..
    Regarding those artists who we feel disappeared before their time, for example...Lauryn, Amy, etc...I def agree (Taron) that it must have been a domino effect of things that cause them to..and it's sad..because they are oh so talented and I miss buying great albums!
    I forgot to add Teedra Moses to my list...she is awesome and her album, I loved!!! One of the best I ever heard....
    I'm too excited about Sade and I haven't sat down with the Maxwell yet...Gotta get on it soon!
    well, until my favs "come back" if ever they do lol....I'll do what I can to add to "great" artistry, honestly.....and hopefully new favs come up... 😀 and stay lol
    Appreciate your comments..
    Ayah 🙂

  10. Most of the ones I love are still here, they're just older, different or not in fashion: playing small venues, playing huge venues but have no record deal anymore, playing the nostalgia circuit and well (some not): some have stopped, some became boring, some found God and moved into another market: some made a lot of money early and got lazy: some have different careers. Some are missing in action, some are dead.
    But I still play their work.
    It's all about the work.

  11. Out of the people that's on your list that I miss the most is Lauryn Hill ..when she comes back , whenever that is..I'll literally run down the street shouting like a mad man (but i will be happy) LAURYN IS BACK !!!!
    P.S. - I like what you are doin' and the CD bangz 4 sho' 🙂

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