If This Is Naturi Naughton Singing ‘Fame’ Then Call Me Lil Kim

The last time I had this much interest in anything Fame-related, I was six-years-old, and Janet Jackson hadn't yet appeared in the hallowed halls of the fictional High School of The Performing Arts. Speculation as to whether Naturi Naughton, 3LW singer and portrayer of Lil Kim in Notorious, is actually singing the title song from the new fame movie has emerged. Personally, it seems fairly obvious that this is not her singing, and if it is, her voice coach deserves a Nobel Prize. According to the movie's official website, she is listed as possessing the chops to pull off this feat of wonder. Judge for yourself below, and leave your opinions in the comments. [H/T: WAOD]

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10 Responses

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if she could always sing like that; it's just that the songs she had to sing while in 3LW didn't allow her to showcase her voice.

  2. I think that may be her, it sounds like her, i can hear her speaking voice, in it! But she seemes like she always had talent you see that group fell apart when she left, and had to do the cheetah girls thing! Nobody wasnt paying her attention, and how could they between the little fast chica, and those big ass teeth of Kela kela!

  3. I'm 99.9% sure that's her voice. And 100% sure that's not her hair.

  4. that is definitly her she always could sing and im glad to see her back on top! go gurl

  5. I'm pretty sure that is her. I'm surprised at the range, but the vocal tone is very similar to when she was with 3LW. And she was still a teenager then, so she's had time to grow as a vocalist.

  6. That's her - I heard her sing live in NYC once and I was amazed that she had such a big voice.

  7. If she wants to have a fruitful career and sell lots of records, she'd better start singing badly, and soon. Cause you know the only way you can make it big these days is if you're awful.

  8. I doubted that was her voice too but I've never heard her actually sing. And, no, that pop crap foolishness that she did in 3LW was not singing (even though a few of the songs were pretty catchy).
    If that is her then she has some talent. Good for her. Nice to hear some actual singing out of a young female artist these days.
    *side eyes Rihanna et al.*

  9. i think it's her voice. very similar tones to when she was in 3lw--TEN years ago. and let's remember: we didn't get a REAL chance to hear her SING.
    that aside, can i tell y'all that i am one excited dude? i hope it doesn't disappoint 'cause i'd hate to have to lose AMM my cool points over this...

  10. Shes is TRULY representing for the Mocha DIVAS.....Holla!


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