K’Jon Finds Bliss While ‘On The Ocean’


Could it be considered a risky move to be a relative newcomer and have your debut single not be about -- gasp! -- love, but the ocean? Why, yes, it could. If you're Detroit's K'Jon, clearly this wouldn't faze you one bit. If memory serves me correctly, the last time a song decided to focus exclusively on the topic of seafaring, Christopher Cross' "Sailing" decimated the Pop charts and influenced a number of artists thereafter. Hopefully, K'Jon finds similar success on calmer waters with this reminder of what R&B radio stations used to consider standard fare--and hopefully will once again.

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  1. Ah, refreshing departure from the rigmarole of the R&B that gets played on urban radio.

  2. heard this for the first time on a HOT97 mix cd..Great song..hope it get's lot's of love!!

  3. Damn..........................This is that top down, driving on the coast with your woman kinda jam. Most definately feeling this one.

  4. oh my,this is lovely..beautiful rich voice and it oozes tranquility

  5. I love this song! I heard it on Music Choice a while back and was shocked to hear it on the radio driving home from work at night. I hope K Jon gets success with it.

  6. Lovely song and wonderful voice.

  7. I love this song so much bc its a remider of my favorite quote by ZNH: "Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. ...." Who is this guy. If he didn't write it, his writers are amazing

  8. Well we are fortunate enough to have been hearing this great song for the past few weeks one of our local urban stations. Just heard it this morning in fact so this is a timely bounce. Speaking of Christopher Cross' sailing have we all heard Avant's version. Caught that on the radio too. Nice version just not sure why. That song is actually about sailing with out the love/relationship metaphor.

  9. This is such a beautiful song! It's always played on the R&B/Soul station in Philly.

  10. Between SB and Steve Harvey playing this every.single.morning. without fail, he's about to BLOW UP!

  11. This song has been out for almost 2 Years! This is a classic steppin' song in Detroit and Chi-Town. I'm happy K'Jon is finally getting love nation wide. He will release his new CD this August.

  12. Wow!!1 Finally K'JON is getting his due. We here in the D have been playing him for years. This song is actually from his cd entitled The Ballroom Xplosion. You go boy!! Repp for THE D!


  14. I, too, hear this played on Steve Harvey's morning show via V101.9. Great song! Much success to K Jon.

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    First time hearing it, this is quite nice. Voice sounds good, love the Christopher Cross rip off guitar and strings and the mix sounds great, rare now a days. Sadly...

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    This song is hot. I introduced this song to my lady on our anniversary and she fell in love with the sound and the lyrics. I can not wait to pick up this CD.

  17. i love this song!! I heard it on the aol music station and tryed to find the cd on amazon. I got to have this CD.