Ledisi Is ‘Goin’ Thru Changes’

By now you should already know that Ledisi's new album, Turn Me Loose, is hitting stores on August 18th. Anticipation is at a fever pitch since hearing some snippets from the upcoming collection, and now we get to hear the first single and it is everything we've come to expect from the Soul siren. Co-produced by Led and Rex Rideout, "Goin' Thru Changes" tells the tale of a woman torn between two men--the one she's with and the friend who is coming on strong. Temptation is there as confusion rules her mind. What's a sista to do? Well, this sista is gonna turn this up and get lost in the music because Ledisi is preaching on this song. The lyrics grab your attention, but it's her consistently stellar vocals that wrap you up like a warm hug that you never want to end. Add this to Ledisi's growing catalog of classics.   

Ledisi: "Goin' Thru Changes'"

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9 Responses

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. Man, after the events of today, I needed to hear a song like this..going through changes...this song is beautiful...I predict this CD will be off the hook...thank U.

  3. Loving this picture of Ledisi! Will see her at NYC Summerstage on Sunday--can't wait!

  4. Wonderful song brilliant vocals,cant wait for the new album.10/10.

  5. Very Refreshing To Hear This Voice And Total Project Effort...Very Impressed. Good Luck !!!

  6. Big Fan the Voice the bomb wish she could perform in DC every weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. this my fav. song listen to it everyday..