Let’s Do It ‘Anatomically Correct’ Tonight, Baby

This video for the song "Anatomically Correct Slow Jam" is perhaps the most ridiculous and informative love song I have ever heard. While the visuals may provide some innuendo, the song does not. Kudos to Vincent Keating who did a great job with capturing the 1980's sound of damn near every Quiet Storm jam that I can think of. Think how much fun Sex Ed would have been if they played this in high school! Is it NSFW? Possibly, but if you work for the health department, feel free to crank this up at full volume. 

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3 Responses

  1. OMFG! This is just brilliant. It's perfect. I'm laughing so hard. Sex Ed would've been TOTALLY different with this video.

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  3. for some reason this really makes me not wanna have sex for awhile


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