Mary J. Blige Is ‘The One’ (Of Many Using Auto-Tune)

mjb55600.jpgOh my beloved Auto-Tune, how long has it been since our last rendezvous? The past few minutes of not hearing a popular artist employ your delightfully robotic finish have felt like an eternity! Don't ever abandon me again! And look! You have a song with Mary J. Blige, who regretfully sought not to exploit you during the course of Growing Pains, and has decided that regardless of her good friend Jay-Z's recent efforts to exterminate you, you aren't so tiresome! Even better, you're being featured on a track that sounds so much like "Enough Crying" from two whole albums ago! Props to Rodney Jerkins for keeping the fans familiar.

(There's also a version with Drake floating around the internets somewhere. Google it.)
Mary J. Blige: "The One"

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15 Responses

  1. This sounds like something Beyoncé-excuse me,Sasha Fierce- should/would sing..a bit diva-ish..
    I wouldn't leave the dancefloor if this would come up,but nonetheless I vote no.

  2. *sigh* Me no likey.
    Unsurprisingly, the autotune adds nothing positive to the song. It sounds like some Beyonce-Keri Hilson-Cassie mess; waaaay below Mary's skills.

  3. Me no likey either. Too repetitive and MJB and auto-tune don't mix. Sounds like something suited for a lesser vocal talent.

  4. Why Mary, why? I'm so sick of hearing the robotic vocals and I don't get why a woman who actually CAN sing is using this shitty effect. Leave this to idiots like Lil Wayne, T-Pain etc, you can do much better Mary.

  5. I'm a huge Mary fan. I'm not feeling this. Mary re do this one honey.

  6. Its a dance club track, for sure....have to grow on me to actually like it more, but its HOT, anything by Mary J. Blige is a winner, so don't stunt.
    New is good at times, this may be her time for just a little new/different of Mary J. Blige.
    I would bounce to this joint all night!!!

  7. Sounds good to me. The Drake version is better though.

  8. Hot beat, but have to agree with everyone else drop the auto-tune MJB let the lesser known singers use it. Next Whitney, will be rocking auto-tune on her up-coming release............ Oh No!

  9. When the queen of Hip-Hop/R&B sinks down to this know something is wrong.

  10. ready song for sure, but this sounds like plastic R&B, something that Keri Hilson could use for a hit, not MJB. Auto-tune seems to be the last, lazy resort for some so MJB, err wrong answer, try again.

  11. Look, forget the damn song, I cant get over how sexy Mary is looking in this photo!!!!! she has gotten me all discombobulated and what not, give me a minute SB to get myself together:)

  12. I'm with stoneyisland... That photo is classic! MJB lookin' hella nice!!
    Oh... the song? Eh.

  13. She only uses the auto tune on a few words.I like it! Doubt it will make the album.Probally Just a Teaser track for the summer.Mary always does this before the album drops.Remember Last Summer Turn off the lights with Jay-z..right before the breakthrough she did MJB DA MVP and before Love & Life she remade In the Club by 50 cent.I think it was called Hooked with Diddy.Mary Started this HIP HOP/R&B THING. And I guarantee she will finish it!! Get it Mary!!

  14. this song is horrible!!! the real mary j first single is “Good Love” feat. TI …no one wants to hear the Queen of R&B singing thru autotune and over an outdated track at that…Rodney used the same drums for Megan Rochell and Keyshia..and that was already over 2 years ago…check out “Good Love” and see what mary should sound like ..

  15. I always gotta give my girl Mary her props. She's always reppin for the sistah's!


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