Mary J. Blige Sits Down For A ‘One on One’

Not to be confused with "The One." No, this Sunday at 9pm EST, SB fave Mary J. Blige sits down with TV One owner Cathy Hughes for an extended interview as part of the network's "TV One on One" series. Mary talks on a wide range of topics, from how she's still dealing with the many aspects of marriage to why she won't do any alcohol ads to being happy. It seems like vintage Mary, and with a new project on the way, it also seems like what will be an all-out blitz of MJB promotion. Which is fine with us. So, Bouncers, your mission for Sunday is clear: Melba, then Mary (and hopefully the Lakers for the trifecta! Heh.). Check after the bounce for more.

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5 Responses

  1. I Love Mary J Blige!!!

  2. I also love Mary J Blige for her honest, truth and devotion

  3. Mary is wonderful.

  4. This was such a wonderfully, refreshing interview...Mary has GROWN SO MUCH!!! I've always had an affinity for Mary, and her artistry. However, in recent years, I have most certainly gained a newfound respect and appreciation, for her beautiful spirit and 'realness'. Mary is the type of person, whom you would enjoy being great friends with. No pretention. No hidden agendas. Just good, true folk.
    ROCK ON, 'MJB'!

  5. I watched the show last night. Mary has grown. It is so good to see a celebrity who reverence God in their life. I love that. Mary you are a trend setter.