Morning Soul: Anything You Wanna Do

  • Jocelyn Brown is suing Snap 150 years after anyone gives a damn about Snap. [M&C]
  • Mos Def was on 106th & Park, no doubt causing the show's audience to wonder why his music wasn't making them dumber. [DK]
  • Drake shows love to Andre 3000 and Phonte. In related news, Wikipedia crashed as millions of 12-year-old girls entered search queries for "Andre 3000" and "Phonte."[RR]
  • Jay-Z performs "D.O.A." with T-Pain, world keeps spinning on axis. [BJ]
  • For the record, Black Milk did it better. [2DB]

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2 Responses

  1. Damn, I miss the old days when CoCo and Garfield from Shai used to kick it together.

  2. I've often wondered why 106th doesn't tailor it's audience to its guests. You know...if have Mos Def or Maxwell on, put people in the audience who ACTUALLY know who they are.
    But then again, this is BET. Forget it.