Morning Soul: We Shall Proceed

4 Responses

  1. Wherever Tameka is right now, she's probably not TOO hurt about Usher leaving her. She's probably too busy taking inventory on the HALF that she's gonna get and calculating how much Usher's gonna have to pay out in child support.

  2. I dont get why people are so happy that Usher is getting divorced, I mean is this some shit we should be celebrating? shouldnt we all be shaking our collective heads asking why? Maybe i'm an old fashion kinda cat but marriage is STILL a sacred thing. I para-phrase a line from the classic film Love Jones .." Falling in love aint about shit.....staying in love is what's hard". God bless Ush and Meka, lets not foget 2 kids are tied up in this equation...............

  3. Usher had doubts before marrying her. He should have listened to his instincts. I don't feel bad about his divorce and/or how much money he will wind up paying in child support. You play with fire, you get burned.

  4. Marriage is more than, I'm not happy so let's divorce. I 'm old fashion too. The only reason I know of that allows divorce is infidelity.
    Usher married Tameka, had a child (or children), now he has to be a man and show his kids how to work through marital issues. Money does not make a daddy. Nor does so called "quality" time.
    Time to grow up Usher!