Morning Soul: What’s It Gonna Be?

4 Responses

  1. Whitney's skin was glowing. She looks healthy. Hope it lasts.

  2. Jill Scott, number 1???? come on..........Whoever was polled must have been high, I will be the first to admit that Jill is the bomb, but her album was no where as good as Anthony Hamiltons 1st or 2nd album, hell Raphael Saadiq's Instant Vintage was 3 times as good.

  3. Dont Let Go ... one of my all time fav's, especially when it accompanies the Blair Underwood scene in 'Set It Off' lol.
    Jill Scott No.1 ... I'm not at all surprised. Personally I prefer a couple of the other top 20 (Floetic, Mama's Gun, Comin' Where I'm From) but it is an undeniable classic!

  4. BTW i'm referring to the point where it appears in the film ... not the music vid.