Morning Soul: You’re The Highest Of The High

  • Keyshia Cole killed it during a performance in Los Angeles recently and was made to perform a song--twice--by a tardy Diddy. [LAT
  • Want to hear the demo version of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael from 1981? Us, too. [ZS]
  • Want to see Madeline Woods flirt with Common Sense on BET's "Video LP" way back in the day? Yup. [MI]
  • Kind Of Bloop, an 8-bit electronic music tribute in honor of Miles Davis' 50th anniversary of Kind Of Blue, sounds like it could be either really interesting or really strange. [PM]

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5 Responses

  1. -Just finished reading George Michael's biography..had no idea he wrote this song when he was just 19..The melody and the sax(?) is soo lovely.
    -Yess,max live all week?Woohooo 😎
    -Just started reading 'Mad at Miles'..I never was aware of how much of a messed up individual he was..and so abusive!hmms..

  2. LOL while listening to the demo version of Careless Whisper my 13 year old huge Lil Wayne fan- brother just said; that's George Michael right?(first proud moment) and when the song ended he said;Can you play it again (proud moment number 2) LOL I said;you like the song? He tried to play it off;why?only cause I ask you to play it again? haha..

  3. Lmaoooo He just asked for the song to be played again ( he is playing 'bejeweled' on the ipod touch) and this time his excuse it; it helps me to concentrate on the game!

  4. Hehehe!!!

  5. Man-Joe(Chicago slang), I loved me some Madeline Woods. Rachel is chopped in comparsion to her.


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