New Amerie Album Due This August

Amerie fans and stans, rejoice! Def Jam has now given official word that In Love & War, her fourth album and first on the label, will be released this August. Thankfully we won't have to wait that long to get some new flavor in our ears and visual treats from the leggy songstress whose first single is confirmed to be the track "Why R U," a video for which is scheduled to premiere next week on BET. Although this song leaked a few weeks ago, and we're partial to the other new track we've heard, "Tell Me U Love Me," we'll take whatever Amerie we can get at this point. Contrary to earlier reports, producers on the project include Teddy Riley, Sean Garrett, Eric
, Jim Jonsin, Rico Love and The Buchanans, who produced "Why R U." Give the song another listen below and let us know what you really think about it in the comments. Is this the right move or a misstep by Def Jam?

Amerie: "Why R U"

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  1. I'm mad that she ruined her nose.

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    Very few positive elements in that track...sad to say. Hell at this point she'd be better off letting a left field producer take on her project like a Danger Mouse...yeah don't laugh. Ultimately for her (and I believe her fans as well) want sonically something closer to her first album. And since it's pretty established that Rich Harrison is out gettin that paper with RichGirl and Jive, she needs to get with the program. I think a successful trend is to work with ONE producer...or a tight knit (see producers that spend more than one hour a day together) production staff.
    For some reason Def Jam is employing the oft-used 'spray and pray' Here's a new Danger Mouse. avoiding the obvious associations (CeeLoo Green) he is a proven musician that is extremely versatile. And Amerie WAS at her best when she was R&B but was cutting edge closer to a pop-hybrid. Bottom-line "All That I Have" was her only complete album.
    peep tracks from Danger Mouse off of his 2005 MF DOOM (DOOM) album: "Perfect Hair", "Crosshairs".
    These days labels can't be chasing the next Lady Gaga sound but something unique that can stand more than 14 spins.

  3. I actually like "Why R U?" the opening is a little rough for me, but it works as sort of a homage to 90's R&B. Now the other song, "Tell Me U Love Me" sounded like a recycled "Touch" to me, but I'm guessing that one would sell because of it's familiarity.
    My only concern is that Def Jam is going to make Amerie a paper doll carbon copy a la Rihanna, where Amerie has to do cheap plastic R&B to see some chart action, and where the magic from her first three albums is lost in mainstream ideals. That's just how I feel.

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    Why R U isn't bad at all, I wouldn't be mad if she stopped the stacatto-to-beat chorus-lines. I just hate that they (or anyone) feels that their is a certain "formula" musically to any artist...but it's one of the sad facts that labels are left to deal with and ultimately us as fans as well. "Tell Me U Love Me" definitely has the "Touch" cutting room floor written all over it...or just maybe they followed an earlier losing function. I just don't think her later albums have no direction or themes or vision. I think many artists are afraid to let go of a song that doesn't have hit written on it. And you can't tell me after they've cut and reworked a track that they don't have misgivings about it's weight. Back in the days artist would pick through 30 songs/beats for the one that works. Rappers do it now...they just have mostly 30 garbage products...

  5. Amerie is the only diva that drives me crazy,
    i wish i could had a chance to whisper to her ears
    how much i really loved her.


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