‘Oh No’! Chico DeBarge Is Back With A Hit

chico-debarge_yellow.jpegI have long forgiven Chico DeBarge for bringing to the general public these examples of hair "juicyness" and midriff-baring outfits. It was the 1980s after all, and besides, he returned from jail in the '90s with a smash of a record that was Long Time No See. The number of jams on that album were nearly endless. After taking a five-year hiatus from recording--an ocean of time in the music industry--Chico is back with a new album, Addiction, coming next month. In short, the album's first single "Oh No" is the business. It's one of those songs that you'll listen to over and over again's grown. And it's real R&B, not a computerized attack on your eardrums by a self-obsessed moron. "Oh No" can be purchased from iTunes, and the full album will be released July 14th. Can't wait. 

Chico DeBarge: "Oh No"

Chico DeBarge Addiction [Amazon]

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  1. Nodding my head at work. I like.

  2. Diggin' that Al Green's "I'm Glad You're Mine" backbeat. Way to go, Chico!

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    Feelin it, and I must say, as a fan that hasn't felt him since Long Time No See. This is welcome. And I ain't mad at him for usin one of Al's doper beat arrangements.
    Slightly of topic, here's a suggestion. More new artists please!
    I love Musinah, phonte (and I'm from Raleigh, NC), Chrisette, Foreign Exchange...but give some new cats some burn, I would NEVER say less Maxwell...I ain't that

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    Chico an El the orginal Marvin Gaye clones. Sounds good though, I still fux with "Talk to me" from his first motown album

  5. Woah, this song IS the business! July 14th release date? That's a week after Maxwell's; July is looking like a great month for soulful music!

  6. I would say more of the OLD Maxwell. Not terribly psyched about this new album at all.

  7. This is nice.

  8. I really don't like using the following cliche', but this track is GROWN & SEXY!!! Go'head Chico!!!

  9. I like this! The first minute has a D'angelo/Brown Sugar feel to it... nice

  10. Add me to the chorus of supporters! Whether due to the sampled arrangement or the general mood that the song conjures, I absolutely love this! I still remember Long Time No See fondly and this ranks right up there with "Iggin Me" and "Ms. Wonderful" . And that's no small achievement...

  11. Yay! I get to update my Chico DeBarge playlist on my iPod!!! I'm feelin it. This is turning out to be a memorable R&B summer with Al B. Sure!, Maxwell, and and Chico!

  12. i love this song. So much better than what I've heard from the Maxwell release. I'm real disappointed that Detroit radio jocks aren't giving it airplay. I actually stumbled across Chico's song messing around in itunes. Anyway, good luck to you Chico, I look forward to the album release.

  13. The head started bobbin 2 secs into the song! You know you got a hit when you don't even half to wait for the verse. Make yo comeback Chico Stick!

  14. Love it! Love it! Love ITTT! Started off like a regular neo soul jam. But realised that was not the case after the first bar. I don't buy much music. However , this is on my list to buy next month along with Maxwell and Eric Roberson. That's how good it feels!

  15. This is the ish! Lovin Chico right now!

  16. thanks for this post. it is so good to see Chico getting back in the swang of thangs. 🙂 i always enjoy his music. he has a lil Eric Benet thing happening and should have long ago gotten his just dues.

  17. Love this. Very classic feel to it. It does make me longggg for D'Angelo. *sigh*
    This may just have convinced me to suffer through Joe to see him perform here next month. I'll definitely be copping the album. Long Time No See still bumps.

  18. Chico is truly back. Good Music.

  19. I'm diggin this jam and looking forward to the album.

  20. i was on my way to a doctor appt.heard that song ,i could not get fthe car til it went that song got to have it now.keep it coming love ya.

  21. Just heard it on Michael Baisden, love it!

  22. "OH WOW" I have long been a DeBarge fan but this right here.. Oh WINNER!!! On my way to pick up this, Long Time... and the Maxwell album. Its brothers like this that keep real soul and R&B alive!!!

  23. Chico's music has a smooth and adult flavor to it. I loved "Long time no see" and am glad he's back out with another great cd. If "Oh no" is the tip of the ice berg, we are in for a treat.


  25. First off, this is off the subject, but Chico is "DAMN FINE"...YESSIR!!!
    And Secondly, I've loved this man's music since he burst out on the scene. He's one of those rare talents that the music industry somehow ignores, or doesn't put their 100% behind. I just hope that the R&B radio and African Americans goes out and buys this cd and his others, because this brotha is sure nuff bad.