So Apparently Pitbull Is Also On Maxwell’s New Album


I blame Speeakz for this.) Nas, who is soon to be liberated from Kelis With Child (we're calling her that until the delivery, word to Blake Incarcerated) is leading Maxwell down a path of sin on Twitter! It goes without saying that the ONE time we weren't hawking dude's updates, some truly delightful and decadent shenanigans would go down. If these pics are any indication, BLACKsummers' night will be an exercise in Bacchanalian debauchery!


Riiiight, Nas. We are so sure you were all ROCKING OUT to "Pretty Wings." This is exactly what I do when I listen to Maxwell records, by the way, invite a bunch of wimmenz over to pop champagne and do the Stanky Leg. Nothing gets a backyard barbecue started like "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever." Eff a Gucci Mane. Shoot, when I'm trying to get my party on, I start off with "Lonely's the Only Company," parts one and two! I keeps it crunk, if you ain't already know by now.

Perhaps they were shooting a remake of this video? Your guess is as good as ours.


All jokes aside, there is a Nas/Max collab on the new album entitled "Help Somebody." We suppose Nasir is returning the favor, since Maxwell appeared on a track from Street's Disciple. But we can't help but wonder if something called "Help Somebody" facilitates this much...recreation. We have an entire month to find out, provided it doesn't leak before then (which it probably will).

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30 Responses

  1. What's up with the pics, Maxwell? This is like Al Jarreau kickin' it with Lil Wayne.

  2. @nOvaMatic: If I get fired, I expect u to have a job waiting for me. ROTFL
    I've heard a few people(including my BFF) say how this Nas/Max pairing is so "random". But is it all that "random"? Could Nas and Maxiepoo have more in common than we would care to know?

  3. @chynadoll: I totally see the logic in them hanging out. They were on the same label for a while, are respected in their genres, big names, etc. But the thing that got my side-eye a-flutter is how Nas is acting like BSN is a DJ Class record. iCan't.

  4. they have been cool for a while..this isn't anything ya research ppl.

  5. I don't think it's the fact that they're cool with each other. That's not it at all. To me, it's Maxwell's appearance in the pics. And this may be how he rolls all the time, but it seems like such a far departure as how he has appeared publicly in the past. That's the odd part.

  6. No need 4 research. This ain't Obama hanging out with Kim Jong IL.

  7. Whether they want to hang with each other is not the issue. It's the overt tones of douchebaggery that are present in these flics.
    The desperation in Nas in these flics is palpable. You're getting a divorce, your soon-to-be-ex-wife is in her last trimester, and you're living it up in all white with some next chicks telling everyone how bumping Maxwell's new album is???
    Negro, please.
    Go to a Lamaze class and shoot me a Twitter about that.

  8. This nonsense...Way to kill my boner, Maxwell.

  9. Wait, so Pitbull is on Maxwell's album?

  10. These pics definitely surprised me. I knew Max & Nas were cool, but the collection of random females got my side-eye activated.
    @ill mami: PREACH! I agree wholeheartedly.

  11. Why is everyone so shocked? They have been good friends for about a decade now.

  12. *scrolls through comments to see if anyone objected to them hanging out or being cool with each other*

  13. Maxwell ain't perfect. We always have that one clown we tend to be friends with or have in our contact lists. It's a twisted part of human nature, so this doesn't shock me that Max is booze-um buddies with Nas.
    But, I'm with ill Mami about Nas and the douchebag vibes these pics are projecting. He's going to make a great father isn't he? *rolls eyes*

  14. But more than that, a post in the "Kicks & Giggles" category is either commenting on something humorous or written in almost total jest. I almost feel like the approach should've been with shock, awe and outrage in order to be proportionate to most of the feedback. *le sigh* Don't nobody care who Maxwell hang with, least of all me. It was just some good-natured ribbing. Namaste. 🙂

  15. I LOVE this photo! people are such snobs. wanna be hipsters act like they can't listen to anything popular & it's so annoying. Go Maxwell!

  16. Maxwell is a Gemini..and I've got a family of Geminis and oh so many friends...and Geminis are great liars, can't believe half of what comes out their mouth. But it's his business and his life...he's single, sexy and paid. I LOVE HIS MUSIC!!....I don't know much about NAS at all......Be careful out there fellas!!

  17. Looks like women are the only ones that see a problem here. Maybe Kelis doesn't want Nas around in her 3rd trimester. Maybe there's not enough going on in your lives to be so critical of these gentlemen. Looks like a fun evening with friends. Nothing more. Stop the B...hassness

  18. There's just something corny about grown men in these type of photos.*shrug*

  19. It's not really odd. Max has been showing a very different side lately. He's devolving.

  20. This is not really a big deal and doesn't show a different side to Maxwell or Nas. It is just two guys celebrating. Maxwell just finished the album and Nas is the only feature on there, so it makes sense that they would party together. People are acting like grown men that happen to be great artist can't have a good time.

  21. "What's up with the pics, Maxwell? This is like Al Jarreau kickin' it with Lil Wayne."
    Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Let's give Nas a little more credit than to compare him to Lil' Wayne of all people!!! At least Nas is known to kick some knowledge more than a lil' bit. Not to mention just being a far better lyricism in general. Damn. Why is Maxwell hanging out with Nas so unfathomable to some people? Like once you've been in that "neo-soul" camp, you're not allowed to pop some bottles every once in a while.

  22. I love this pic... its a different side of Maxie, but it doesn't discredit him or Nas IMO. They are two hard- working men having some fun. I think it was just a bit shocking/ surprising, but not necessarily in a bad way.

  23. the far left......he or she?

  24. Why are you so surprised? He calls the "Pretty Wings" video every man's "wet dream." He's thirty five, single, and successful, with many adoring fans willing to through themselves at him. He is no diferent than the company he keeps.

  25. Maybe SB should be more like those sites that post pics with no commentary. LOL. I swear every single word of this post was overlooked as well as the earlier comments. Too. Damn. Funny. And sad.

  26. @DandySandy I'm a Gemini and will co-sign on your post. Thankfully my mom beat the Gemini tendencies out of me as a child 🙂
    While everyone else is excited about Maxwell's CD coming out, I'm not pressed. Ever since him asking the crowd overseas somewhere why ladies aren't throwing their panties while he's on stage, he's get a side eye from me.

  27. all I wanna talk about is why these girls are so subpar. at least they could've rangled up some bangin hoes.

  28. haha I just seen this! sorrrrry! it hurt my eyes too!

  29. i don't understand why they would post such a picture, as it is of no interest to the large public. at least for me. it appears that they were having "fun" and while it's nothing wrong in this, the pics shouldn't have been uploaded on the internet, because it could somewhat taint Maxwell's image. i know that nowadays artists are not trying to be role models for their audience, but at least they could give the impression they are better than the average. however, it's their life and they're entitled to live it as they want to and i'm still waiting for Maxwell's album that's for sure!


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