The Director’s Chair: Amerie Returns With ‘Why R U’

The video for Amerie's "Why R U" premiered yesterday on BET's 106th and
. Ray Kay, a former fashion photographer, directs. If you are a
fan of the way Amerie looks, then you will love this music video as it
can basically can be described as a compilation of wide, medium and
close up beauty shots of Amerie singing in front of different
backgrounds. There are some cool VFX that are featured in the video
that make it seem like the images and paintings on the backgrounds are
interacting with her, too. However, as beautifully shot as this video is, it lacks originality. It honestly feels like something we've already
seen from her, and I wouldn't be surprised if some left over footage from
the "1 Thing" video shoot accidentally made its way over here  All
in all if you are a fan of Amerie you'll love the video because it is
all about her and this visual should help "Why R U" become the summer
smash we all know it is destined to become.

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7 Responses

  1. The video is just 'blah,' but the song is hot. Glad to see she's back.

  2. I agree.. The video is pretty lackluster... She's as beautiful as ever but the vid has absolutely no story... I really like Amerie for tat raw quality that she brings to this song, but it was dulled by the glammy glitsy stuff in the vid. Plus, personally, I don't think this the strongest song I've heard from her...
    Thumbs up for the review, thumbs down for the vid.

  3. Thank you Amerie for not giving us another one of those "me and 2-3 other girls that look like me are going to do the same synchronized dance for 3.5 minutes" type of videos. We need less of those.

  4. I dig the song and she looks fab. The video? Not so much. It wasn't very interesting.

  5. Great song & video. The Amerie evolution (thankfully!) continues. The video doesn't really have a theme, but it is pleasantly artful and fun, and compliments the urbane sensibility of this cool cross section of hip-hop and R&B, with a soul center.
    Work Amerie & work it out some more.-QH

  6. I like the song, and she looks georgus in the video, along with the clothes and makeup, she naturally pretty. But I gots to say the background was more interesting and her clothes. Lil disappointed that she could have done ALOT more then what she did. But oh well glad to see she back.

  7. When the song was first posted, I thought it was just okay, but being able to pair visual with the audio brought out the "this my joint-ness" of it! Thanks for posting the video, I don't remember the last time I've watched BET other than to watch The Game. I think this may be another summer smash for me, like "Why Don't We Fall In Love" was oh so many years ago!