The Director’s Chair: Taking Off The Blues With The Foreign Exchange

Back in the mix it's your boy Cherry coming at you with another video
breakdown. This time we take a trip to North Carolina and link up with
The Foreign Exchange. Their video for "Take Off The Blues" dropped during our vacation but it's worth a closer look at the latest effort from SB's extended fam. The video starts off as a
simple affair that finds the group in a jazz club hanging out and
having a good time. The colors set the tone as the DP uses a mixture
of blue and red hues to give the club scene a unique look. Directed by
Matt Koza, one can really tell that he took time and sat down and
listened to the lyrics when developing a concept for this video. We
see our leading male in this video played Phonte as he links up with
his leading lady at the club. At the conclusion of the song we
find Phonte at home in a white tee waiting on his girlfriend to come
home. The song switches up to "Valediction" and we see that things
aren't the same anymore and it's no secret that he is upset. What
follows is as good as a breakup scene depicted in a video that I've
seen in a long time. The director really captures the emotions in Tay's face as he breaks up with his woman.
We see a quick
series of montage shots with them in better times and it provides a
good reference point to see where they stand today. They are going
through the motions and he is tired of it. Two really great songs
captured in two very realistic music videos. The Foreign Exchange really connects with
their audience and these visuals are something that everyday people can
relate to. 

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3 Responses

  1. Great video for my 2 fave song on the album!!

  2. love this song, dont care for the video. The images just dont fit the lyrics or atmosphere of the song I feel.

  3. Been in love with Foreign Exchange, the LIAB album, this video...hell, EVERYTHING they do! Along with Janelle Monae, the Jaspects, and a number of other "underground" acts, they're a part of this progressive movement to make music sound new & innovative, but they never abandon the classic sense of how music makes you feel. Emotionally, you can connect with certain chords, rhythms, & it can transport you to a happier time and place. That's what real music use to do.
    Speaking of Phonte, have you guys heard his new joint, "Autumn Love Song (Fall for You)?" Seasonally speaking, it's a bit early, but Phonte is usually a step ahead of the crowd anyway.--those that are doing your standard "summer bangers" at the moment.
    Anyway, check it out!