Want Some Audible ‘Selections Of Love’?

Remember that feeling you experienced when you heard The Foreign Exchange's Leave It All Behind? A bit of wonderment, excitement, and heightened suspense all at the same time? Sounds a lot like the feeling one gets when love strikes, no? With Summer's official entrance mere days away, get ready for your first Summer crush: Love Is Real Vol. 3: Selections Of Love, a compilation of skilled yet below-the-radar artists is set to drop July 1st. Personally, the promo video below featuring Afta-1's remix of Boom Clap Bachelor's "Tiden Flyver" is all I needed to be completely hooked. Keep this one on your list of music to cop and be prepared to impress. [H/T: MVMT]

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  1. I can't wait for this to drop! Afta 1 is def. one of my favorite under the radar producers. I would def recommend Tiden Flyver and Love Suite#1