Whose ‘Roses’ Smells Better? Outkast’s Or Mos Def & Georgia Anne Muldrow’s?

Now, at first glance this Battle of the Beats seems unfair. Outkast appears to have a disproportionate advantage, having time and crossover popularity on Mos Def and Georgia Anne Mudrow. How is it possible to put a new song that was just released days ago on The Ecstatic (whose originating album, Muldrow's Umsindo, isn't even out yet) against a certifiable hit? Well, here at SoulBounce it's about the music. Both versions have points in their favor and easily great songs on their own but really it's up to you, discerning Bouncer, to decide. Whose "Roses" really smells better? Why?

Outkast: "Roses"

Mos Def feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow: "Roses"

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12 Responses

  1. I"m diggin' Mos Def when you lay him up against Outkast. I like Outkast's version of Roses, but Mos has the better arrangement and tt's more old school than Outkast. Mos Def's version reminds me of Gil Scott Heron.

  2. Though both are great tracks. Georgia Anne & Mos kills this track. It's just something about Georgia Anne's style and voice that makes you want to listen to everything that she says.

  3. I love Outkast & Mos equally, but Mos' "Roses" definitely smell sweeter. That was one of the standout joints on 'The Ecstatic.' Just hearing it as a snippet, I was sold. Georgia Ann Muldrow is the perfect compliment to Mos Def's trademark off-color, jazzy singing style. Melodically, this song beautiful with Miss Muldrow's vocals sounding like a lonely rose [though as the song progressed, I think the addition of some strings would've shot it through the stratosphere]. Outkast's "Roses" is packed with a great message, but Def's instantly grabbed me.

  4. Outkast , all day , all night. I am done givng Mos Def passes because of his previous early work. Ecstatic is coaster material, as my son asked me the other day, "what happened to Mos"? he use to make good music....................

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    Mos Def, most definitely has the best smelling roses.... I love his vibe.

  6. You really want us to choose??? ... I'll go with Mos Def. Outkast's Roses is great, but not Andre or Outkast's best track. Mos Def's Roses, however, is one of the best tracks on the Ecstatic.

  7. I'm goin with Mos Def on this one. The Outkast joint was always cool but not a favorite off the Love Below. this is a standout on The Estatic... the reason I paid $9.99 for it on iTunes from my iPhone when I could have waitied to get it on Amazon for $3.99 on the computer!

  8. Im going with G.A.M, it just smells better !

  9. Both of these are dope in their own right but SB yall could have made this a triple battle if you would've added Kanye's Roses from Late Registration. That joint had mad meaning so it would have been nice to up the ante

  10. I'm going with Mos Def. Mostly becuase I got so sick of hearing the Outkast track!!!
    I do have to admit that the second I heard the Mos Def track it made me think of The Love Below. After a day or so of listening to The Estatic I had to bust out my copy of The Love Below. I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop since then

  11. Mos def and georgia anne muldrow's version is my favorite at the time, the song has such a lovely vibe

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