With Respect to Our Readers, A Preemptive Apology

michaeljanet.jpegNot for nothing, but this is an extremely heavy time to be a music blogger, particularly one whose entire output is largely dedicated to R&B/Soul. We understand that the impact of Michael Jackson's death has resulted in an ad nauseum onslaught of related content this past weekend, all over the web. Now, it may seem like we can all get back to "normal" now that we have entered into a new week. But what we've come to understand as "normal" is no longer. There must be a period of adjustment, and that could mean more Jackson-related purging on this website.
With respect to anyone that isn't as affected by Michael's death as the rest of us, with respect to anyone that wants to move forward and shift the focus back to other artists, with respect to anyone that has managed to (even at this early stage) move on--I offer my sincere preemptive apology. Just in case I, or one of my team members goes overboard with Jackson content. The very way we view and contextualize music may be forever changed because of this, and even when the subject isn't Mike, you can guarantee he'll be at the front of our brains every time we post a new entry on SoulBounce.
So, if you perceive we're having trouble getting back to business, please bear with us. Speaking for myself, perhaps 10-12 Michael Jackson blog ideas are dancing around in my brain. I will try to keep it under control. But if I (or we) can't, please understand that this is a catharsis for us, and we can't help but share.
Thank you.



20 Responses

  1. This post is so necessary and speaks for us all.
    I've been questioning myself about when I will get over it, and I realize every time that it's going to be a long and drawn out process.

  2. As they say in the church house...take yo time preacha!

  3. I just teared up after reading all the coverage you guys have done thus far about Michael. Multiple posts on Michael is to be expected, and welcomed with open arms. Keep it coming Soul Bounce fam!

  4. nova and all my other soulbounce contributors....right about this man until we are all healed. the pain we are all feeling, especially after the debacle of last is, is even more immense. at least for me.

  5. Take your time ya'll

  6. It's a terrible adjustment period for all of us. We completely understand.

  7. No apology necessary. I think every true music lover is suffering from this loss. I can't even bring myself to play anything other than Michael on my Ipod. It makes me cry but I can't stop. Whether we're mourning or celebrating his amazing talent I just want to keep on honouring him. And I thank Soulbounce for doing so.

  8. I have always been of the opinion that if you don't like the content of your favorite blog start your own. With that said do what it is you guys feel. All the MJ posts have been great so far.

  9. It is completely understandable. Bloggers who are inspired by music that was inspired by MJ are all trying to pick up the pieces. Those who matter know the truth and will always return to one of the best sites on the web.

  10. No need to apologize, this is going to be on everyone's brains for the next couple of weeks...even months. So keep the coverage going, cause in a sea of gossip ragging blogs and other misinformed reporters SB is the place where we can get honesty, truth and of course, great nostalgia at this time.

  11. We understand. This will be an ongoing healing process...
    Thank you Soulbounce for properly honoring and acknowledging Michael Jackson.

  12. No need to apologize. I admire you and others who have been able to put into words their emotions as I am feeling lifeless, and numb. Stacy Ann Chin already penned an amazing poem. For me the tears have not come yet but the sadness is there and it will be there forever. Man I just feel breathless. Man.

  13. Today I finally started to cry about it. I was home by myself and outside a car passed on the street and I could hear "Can You Feel It" streaming out the window. I just broke. In the soundtrack to my life, MJ was the only artist who had multiple songs I could repeat over decades and important events in my life. So many other moments of my family's life were tied up in his music. Saturday nights at grandma's house with the radio MJ cut would come on and we'd all dance, even my grandparents. Seeing people dance to Thriller at weddings in their formal clothes. Or having a guy on one of the best mixed tapes ever given to me include Lady in My Life... the same man I'm going to marry. I just wish someone could tell me why this hurts so bad. I never met MJ personally. I heard all the gossip, saw the court cases, remember the Pepsi hair incident...owned a glove, had the doll, kissed the poster of him in the yellow vest from Human Nature every night before I went to sleep... and this HURTS MAN... like something I'm too afraid to believe because I know it's true.
    MJ thank you. I don't know what else to say.

  14. Beautifully stated.
    I was walking down the street today, "Blame It On the Boogie" playing in my head and almost burst into tears. Looking at that photo up there has me just about there again.
    You cannot under any circumstances love and truly KNOW music without being affected deeply by this.
    I look forward to seeing what comes out.

  15. Last night I was listening to the Jackson 5 song Got to be There on my ipod and I started to cry. I couldn't even continue to play the whole song. I say you do as many blogs on Michael as you wish. He was the greatest and we all deserve to mourn in our own way. I'll read every single blog you put up. I miss him already!!

  16. I haven't cried yet. I think I'm in complete and utter denial that this is even happening. I've been playing his songs since Friday, listening to interviews, and updating my FB page with my favorite songs.
    Michael Jackson was so much bigger than the King of Pop. He invited us in his imagination; his world of innocence, unconditional love, and rhythm. He shared with us his artistry of music and story for our enjoyment- all I can say is thank you.
    SB, take as long as your need. Personally, I'm taking it moment by moment.

  17. I agree with Stylus. My heart hurts just a little more everytime I see his name, or an image of him.
    I've literally cried off and on since Thursday..
    He was the greatest.

  18. I encourage you to purge. I will do the same and be following you guys every step of the way. His passing is in no way a small thing. I haven't even accepted it yet, honestly. God Bless everyone, and especially Michael.

  19. I feel u....all my recent facebook posts have only concerned MJ and i was thinking some people might be getting sick of it but it makes me feel better...its all i wanna talk about right now....and i thank you for giving MJ the respect he deserves and for helping me cope with his loss...

  20. It's been a week and it still feels fresh.
    Still trying to get my fill until I can final accept that he's gone cuz right now I can't.