Chali 2na & Talib Kweli Creatively ‘Lock Sh*t Down’

I absolutely adore cartoons. On any given day I may watch some old school Top Cat or keep it weird and sink into the foolishness of Aqua Teen Hungerforce. Something about all those vibrant colors really reminds me of childhood and serves to really put me at ease. I bring all this up to explain why the new video for "Lock Sh*t Down" by Chali 2na featuring Talib Kweli is such a great look. Not only is the beat enough to satisfy underground heads and shiny suit-loving Hip Hoppers simultaneously, but how can you really go wrong with two talented emcees trading verses all while their environs get translated literally in an animated form? In two words: you can't. Peep it all below.

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  1. I'm a huge Jurrasic 5 fan, so I'll groove on anything Charli 2na spits on. Copped that Fish Outta Water cd the other day.


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