FS Green Is No ‘Rookie’ And Is Always In ‘Season’

Rookie_Season-Cover_Front.jpgPlease forgive me for what my heart just cannot deny any longer: FS Green, I love you. I have loved your sound ever since I stumbled upon your "Mixing Monthly" series that you and Full Crate artfully, strategically and beautifully put together with the most organic segues I have ever heard. You see, I really never get this worked up over anyone because I am a music snob, and, well, we don't like to put ourselves out there like that. We never know when there will be someone else who's music provides us with our latest fix. Now that I have your Rookie Series, I can peruse two years of your past production wonders, including your tongue-in-cheek remix of Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain." My favorite so far is your original "Preppy Lady." Did you make this one just for me? If not, I'll forgive you, and keep bumping this anyway. At least until I hear the next track and fall in love all over again. [H/T: YYY]

FS Green: "Preppy Lady"

FS Green: Rookie Season [Download]

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  1. FS GREEN....Allways Dope!!!


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