Full Crate, Mar & Versis Want to ‘Flirtwitu’

Sometimes it happens. You know you've got someone special waiting for you on the other end of your night out. But then, just as you've settled in to a good time, you're enticed by another. And try as you might, you cannot help but flirt. Dancing around the line between innocence and indulgence, Full Crate collaborates with Mar and Versis on the sultry "Flirtwitu." The synthesizers that open this track smirk along knowingly as the bass pulses while Mar delivers the confessional hook that easily justifies the flirtation. As the song progresses the request to "Flirtwitu" becomes irresistable. Head over to Moovmnt to download your copy.

Full Crate and Mar: "Flirtwitu" feat. Versis

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3 Responses

  1. thanx for the love & shoutout to soulbounce!

  2. Avatar

    Nice, like the male singer, lead reminds of you know who, but the harmony vocals are nice. Also like the track, after the long ass "George Michael, Last Christmas" synth thing intro, finally gives way to the beat. Good shit


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