LAH! and RAH! Messin’ Around In Session

What happens when you put two of the funniest, most creative, most ridiculously talented people in the same studio, lock the door and press "Record" on the video camera? You get the LAH! & RAH! Show, starring soulful songbirds Lalah Hathaway and Rahsaan Patterson. You also get just a taste of what it's like to hang with the two best buds as they attempt to record Lah's part for a song called "6 In The Morning." Just hilarious to watch. If you weren't fans of them before, you should will be after this. In fact, I want more. And then even more after that. (VH1, anyone?!?!?) Here's hoping they keep the videos coming. The clip is below, and after the bounce, more from the dynamic duo.

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4 Responses

  1. I LOVES me some Lalah and Rahsaan!!!! I hope this signals a new album from Rah before year's end... BEASTS!!

  2. Well, by the sounds of the conclusion, I'd say they have something 'DIZZ-GUS-TING in store, for our listening pleasure....
    HAY GLORAY!!!!!

  3. its a good look but instead of vh1 how about tvone. it'll probably be part of a cd dvd combo.

  4. A new Rah album this year would be more than welcome, however I would really like to see these two do a full album together!
    I really think they could pull it off and come up with a classic in the vein of Marvin/Tammi or Donny/Roberta


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