Michael & Janet, Together Again

We normally wouldn't consider posting user-generated video mash-ups, but when this came across our virtual desks we simply could not resist. The friendly competition between Janet Jackson and her brother Michael has always been legendary, but it remains that, in the grand scheme of things, their only competition was each other. Effrem Adams expertly blends some of their best-loved singles along with cleverly-edited, beat-matched video sequences into a solid tribute, culminating in a meeting of Janet's "Rock With U" with Michael's "Rock With You." Bravo!

Tracks used for this tribute:
  • "Rhythm Nation"
  • "Black Or White"
  • "Jam"
  • "Bad"
  • "Feedback"
  • "Nasty"
  • "All For You (Video Version)"
  • "Pleasure Principle"
  • "Alright"
  • "Escapade"
  • "Thriller"
  • "Rock With You"
  • "Rock With U"

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16 Responses


  2. This was pretty brilliant! It was executed beautifully. Kudos to Effrem!

  3. That was simply awesome! The mash-up really brings out the synergy shared in their work. This brought a smile to my face following the deeply sad news regarding the passing of author E Lynn Harris. May he R.I.P.

  4. That was wonderful. I loved it

  5. He's a Janet-Xoner, and he better work with this video. Tres amazing!-QH

  6. HOT!!! This really shows that Mike and Janet are on a whole other level of artistry.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, it's amazing!

  8. If there is no testament ever made again to the contributions of Mike and Janet to pop music, this is it. This 9 minutes of pleasure made hairs stand up on my skin. An earlier poster said "they were on another level of artistry" and as much as I am a super fan of the family, watching this video really hit me. If not another Jackson record comes out, they have forever sealed themselves as ICONs. This video mash-up is legendary.

  9. He did an amazing job, it was seamless! Michael and Janet have contributed so much to r&b/pop music. I had goosebumps when watching this!

  10. Can I say that was amazing and I really hope Janet see's this, I hope everyone see's this cause it was beautiful!!

  11. And the tears begin again 🙁
    I would so to hear more mashups between them.

  12. All I can say is WOW!!! Thisis pure magic. It's amazing that all that talent came from Joe and Katherine Jackson. What are the odds of lightening striking twice within the same family?? R.I.P MJ and may god contiune to bless us JJ and the rest of the family.

  13. THAT was DOPE!!!

  14. Thanks so much for posting this!! Between her break-up with Jermaine and the death of her brother I am sure Janet is going to have a lot she wants to express on her next album. Great video, true legends, I just hope we can appreciate Janet while she is still here with us!

  15. What a wonderful tribute to Michael ,and what a great memory for Janet and all of the Jackson Family.WOW!!! Beautiful !!!!


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