Morning Soul: No Way, You’re Never Gonna Shake Me

  • Congrats to unhappily married couple, Nas and Kelis, on the birth of their son just in time for their divorce. [AHH]
  • Michael Jackson's This Is It tour rehearsal footage may be coming to a theater near you. [BB]
  • The reports of Janet Jackson performing at any MJ tribute concerts are greatly exaggerated. [MSNBC]
  • Not to play the race card, but where are the soul singing sistas on the lineup for the return of VH1's Divas series? [VULTURE]
  • Whitney Houston threw a listening party for I Look To You in NYC last night. We expect an album leak in 5, 4, 3... [VH1]

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8 Responses

  1. That Divas list is suspect.

  2. Well, to be fair Leona and Adele have a lot of soul. But if you're referring to the lack of "traditional" soul singer, who would be a viable candidate? I would love to see Jazmine Sullivan but I don't think she's got the worldwide status the others have.

  3. 1. Love the Always Be My Baby remix!
    2. That divas list is horrible! We have two 90s divas coming out with albums in a few months, Mariah and Whitney, they need to be on the show,maybe do a duet. Other singers that would be good, Chrisette Michele, Alicia Keys, Beyonce(i'm sure her dad will bully the producers to have her on there anyway), Teena Marie, Norah Jones, and they need to honor Natalie Cole. I feel she is very underrated as a soul singer and would be great for her to be recognized.

  4. @sasha: That's a good idea, to honor Natalie Cole. Stephanie MIlls is another artist that should be honored as well.

  5. I find it rather interesting that VH1 (who has largely built its identity around music entertainment) has almost no problem airing reality shows where black woman aren't always shown in the best light but selects/celebrates this particular group of artists to resurrect the 'Divas Live' franchise without honoring the women of color that some of these artists would consider their idols and inspirations.
    Race card played.

  6. I literally have no clue who 3 of those 4 "divas"" are.

  7. LEONA LEWIS!! I CALL PHUCKERY ON THAT ONE. Whne is she considered soul?

  8. No teedra moses, No Marsha ambrosius, no Goapele? that diva list is extra wack with a side order of fries....................


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