Morning Soul: Who Da Hell You Tryna Impress?

5 Responses

  1. Whatever, Mariah. I guess if you keep saying it enough, you'll believe it. Think again.

  2. Ron Artest is one crazy dude. His new number 37 pays tribute to the number of weeks Thriller was on the charts? But his old number 93 was a Souls of Mischief reference???

  3. Mariah sounded HORRIBLE!!!

  4. Jeez, wasn't Mariah literally right in front of the man's casket? She can't get choked up? Tough crowd.
    And yeah, Artest is beginning to strike me as an idiot savant of cool, if you add this MJ tribute (NOT HIS SONG....even though he cried for Mike he cried for Mike he cried for Mike), and the Souls Of Mischief one.

  5. In the beginning of her performance, Mariah just became overwhelmed with emotion. It was obvious that she was sad when she hit the stage. I am pretty sure Mariah never thought she'd be singing the song of Michael's that she remade not all that long ago at the man's public funeral/memorial event. I think she did a good job considering the circumstances. When Mariah issued the apology, my initial reaction was Its okay Mariah...we understand. Who wasn't a lil choked up at what transpired that morning? I assume she's apologizing because she felt that maybe in some way her performance didn't honor Michael correctly or do the song the justice it deserved. But, I say, It's ok Mariah. You're tribute to Michael was well done.


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