Sarah White & M.anifest Are Not ‘Losing’ With This Track

s&m.jpgOne of my pet peeves is to read about a song described as being a mixture of every popular music genre imaginable, even when I've done it myself. However, this is the only way that I can describe "Losing My Religion" by S & M a/k/a Sarah White and M.anifest. They manage to combine a variety of styles, all Soul-based, into a melange of bounciness. The electric guitar that figures so prominently makes me yearn for the times when it was utilized so readily and expertly, instead of an instrument that just anyone thinks they can tinker with to torture those most unsuspecting. Press play and give it a go, and thank your ears that there are artists who exist to push boundaries for art's sake and not solely for their ego's. [H/T: SV]

S&M: "Losing My Religion"

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4 Responses

  1. The perfect blend...I LUV IT.

  2. DOPE! If your felling this Thank you! i did the music.

  3. Dope track, very nice beat!