Bounce-Worthy: Nikko Gray

nikko_gray.jpgSometimes it seems as though the universe sets into motion a series of events that brings something extra special to you. When this occurs, I don't question it. I just behave as a vessel and accept my special gift as the universe intended. I bring this up because over the past 36 hours, the name Nikko Gray has been creeping into my consciousness and her audible treats keep finding their way onto my iPod, so much so that I had no choice but to share her sound with all of you. London-born Nikko has spent much of her life as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind the microphone. These days it seems as though the GAS'D-signed artist is finding her way into sounds which suit her soothing, sweet voice quite nicely. Music that is ambient, atmospheric, and more like what you would hear while sipping afternoon cocktails beachside surrounded by decor swathed in white. Get the picture? Good. Now slide right in.

Afta-1 feat. Nikko Gray: "4 Page Letter"

Chris Young & Nikko Gray: "FOCUS"

Nikko Gray [MySpace]

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2 Responses

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    4 page letter was.... Let it breath, leave it be.
    The sample and beat on the second track was cool, but I feel like I've all heard it before Q-Tip anyone? Yea...
    BTW, her voice is nice. And yea, let me get it out the way,. She looks good in that pic

  2. I've been the same with this lady ... heard nothing then all of a sudden i see her name everywhere. Love the Aaliyah tribute ... another talented UK singer to add to a (rapidly) growing list.