De La Soul Is Still ‘Rising’ After 20 Years

If anyone's been wondering what iconic hip hop group De La Soul has been doing to celebrate their 20th anniversary of their debut disc, 3 Feet High and Rising, all they have to do is head over to Ticketmaster, as Trugoy, Posdnuos and Mase are hitting venues across the country, letting folks know that The Daisy Age is alive, and still rising after all these years. In a June interview with Rolling Stone, Trugoy spoke on the group's legacy, explaining that it was never about the gold chains for them.

"We felt like, if we wanted
to look the way we looked and touch on topics we did, we shouldn't be
fearful of doing it just because it was the boasting and the bragging
and the gold chain era. We always felt that individualism and
creativity and expressing it was most important.

Which is exactly what they did, leading to the classic LP. The fellas are working on a new release entitled You're Welcome, scheduled to feature collaborations with Public Enemy, among others. De La is also working on re-releasing 3 Feet High and Rising, and according to Mase, would love to feature the artists they sampled on the original songs. "We've been in conversations with Warner Bros. to explore
re-recording some of the songs with some of the people we sampled
" That would be dope. Imagine "Say No Go" with Hall and Oates? Or, "Eye Know" with Steely Dan?!?
Wow. The group winds up its anniversary tour on August 29th. And as we
wait for the new material to surface, check a clip of the trio as they
perform their classic "Me, Myself & I" last week at the Nokia Times


4 Responses

  1. i hold fast to the opinion that this album only started to show its age within the last few years...and it's still fun. it's not my favorite de la album, but it remains the most influential. my world was rocked in 1989 when this dropped. played the tape to death. and the bonus bug-out cuts from all the 12" singles are just as fun now as they were then.
    de la soul represents longevity in hip-hop, which is more important now than ever. if we want this music to survive, it has to be allowed to grow up. the things these brothers are saying now they couldn't have said back then because there are some things that only life experience can teach you. i believe that it is because of this life experience, their constant touring and perfecting their live shows, that has made this group stand the test of time...and makes Plug Won (Pos) one of the most quotable and insightful MCs on the planet.

  2. De La has been and will always be the dopest, illest hip hop trio of all times.

  3. Went to their show in Knoxville. We don't have much support for concerts here, but that show rocked! Thanks De La! Dopest!

  4. De La probably influenced my HS years more than any other group. I was that kid that went against the grain back then. When that video dropped for "Me, myself, and I" all I could do was smile. Their words uplifted me. These brothas just keep doing it and doing it. And that joint "Big Mouf" off the new Nike CD is ridiculous!!!


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