Eric Roberson & Wayna Make Me ‘Wanna Believe it Again’


As quiet is kept, I've really had to restrain myself from not going buck wild crazy with the Eric Roberson coverage on SoulBounce. Because if this were my personal blog then I would devote a good 2-3 posts a day to this man and his music, which I both love with no limit. But I decided to keep it simple here at SB, even the midst of the "17 Days of Music Fan First" countdown, otherwise this would favor Erro's official website. But I can't contain myself any longer after getting my hands on this smoking hot track from Music Fan First. After years of begging for a new House song from Erro, "Wanna Believe It Again" is the song I've been waiting on! The uptempo track features DMV songstress Wayna and has a Soulful House vibe to it that is dance floor ready and soul clap approved. There is more hotness where this came from on Music Fan First, which officially drops on Tuesday, August 25th and is currently available for pre-order--and worth every penny plus a tip. 

Eric Roberson feat. Wayna: "Wanna Believe It Again"

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4 Responses

  1. Butta, you already know this is going to wind up in one of my Soulful House podcasts. Love the feel of this single and can't wait until the album's release!

  2. Butta THAT is the track that bent my ear the first time I heard it!! FYAH!

  3. Two of my FAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome collabo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. need gig.
    right now.
    to rock this joint.


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