Guess Who’s Back ‘Living Behind The Sun’? Living Colour!

living_color.jpgYes, you read the title of this post correctly. Rock band Living Colour, whose music definitely colored some of my happiest junior high memories, are back doing it like they never left. It's been quite some time since we've heard from them, and they are most certainly making the most of their time back into the spotlight. They were recently jamming with The Roots in New York City while I sat by and read tweets about how awesome they were all while sulking because I wasn't there. Well now I can join in on the fun since Living Color's new single has dropped. Their classic sound is alive and well, and both Vernon Reid and Corey Glover sound the same as they did back in '88. Check out their upcoming US tour dates here and make sure you grab a free download of this song here. [H/T:BAL]

Living Colour: "Behind The Sun"

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  1. No one....I mean No One loves LC more than me. I saw them on there pre release tour for Vivid. The power of them together was a righteous experience. I went to school with one of them so I also trust the musical integrity of their music.
    That said it irks me to no end that their first two CDs "sound" so much better than almost everything that cam after them. The songs are still great. But what is up with the production. it's not ....bad. It's just like dressing a male model in his personal sweats for a fashion shoot.
    It is widely known that ?uest is infamous for recreating the hip hop sound (sampled) with his drums. The sound fits the idiom. Like it or not power rock needs to explode on Cd in the same way it does live.
    They need a producer/engineer as talented on boards as they are on their axes.

  2. Where are the Wayan brothers at???????? you did say in living color right? 🙂 LOL, LOL

  3. Ha. It should be C O L O U R.

  4. @hoodedmonk:
    Thanks and noted.


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