Have You Been ‘Looking’ For Vinia Mojica? Pseudo Slang Has Found Her

pseudo_slang-cover.jpgWhile Buffalo, NY-based jazzy Hip Hop outfit Pseudo Slang's song "Broke And Copascetic" sounds as though it's a frame of mind I no longer want to revisit--too reminiscent of ramen noodles, pause mixtapes, and empty forty ounce bottles strewn about my college apartment--their sound is definitely almost exactly reminiscent of the music I was listening to back then. It comes as no surprise that Vinia Mojica, whose sultry, silky voice blessed many of those same deep, contemplation-provoking tracks I remember, finds her way onto this one. For all interested parties, INI member, brother of Pete Rock, and producer in his own right Grap Luva also finds his way onto Pseudo Slang's album We'll Keep Looking. Sounds as though they kept looking and found some under-used but never under-appreciated artists for their latest album. You can cop it here. [H/T: HS]

Pseudo Slang feat. Vinia Mojica: "Broke And Copascetic"

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3 Responses

  1. This joint right here is gonna get major rotation in my whip on the wy to work. Nice and smooth like when your woman rolls over and say good morning baby:) Holla

  2. You where listening to this during your college days lucky for some LOL. Well back then it was a dish of pop, hi life, very commercial hip hop & R&B.
    Your quality music journey started early it seems. Nice post clean, short and concise.
    And aaah this joint is some sleek, smooth droove to groove. Thanks for sharing.

  3. goodlooks on the smooth feedback on the joints, sounds about right to me. Much love.
    - sick of PS


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