Ledisi Keeps Us ‘Goin” Early In The Morning

Earlier this morning, as most of us were getting ready for work, New Orleans native Ledisi was putting in work, showing off her incredible voice during a visit to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Now, if you've ever been to a live Ledisi concert, you know what it is. Her voice wraps you up tightly and takes you away. It was no different today as the Grammy-nominated soulstress visited the Red Velvet Cake studio, promoting her new album, Turn Me Loose, by singing the single "Goin' Thru Changes" from the new disc. Lawdhavemercy, she sounds great. Do yourself a favor, in this order: purchase the CD, which is available everywhere; see her when she comes to your town; and lastly, check the clip below and after the bounce to get a taste of how Ledisi welcomed us to the AM with that gorgeous voice. Enjoy.

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2 Responses

  1. I love listening to singers like Ledisi who seem to sing such effortlessly.

  2. CHUCH in da JUKE JOINT.


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